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4 Effective Etiquette Tips for Sending Business Greeting Cards

4 Effective Etiquette Tips for Sending Business Greeting Cards 1. Use Quality Cards Start with a good quality card, don’t choose the least expensive option.  Your card is a reflection of you and how much you value your clients and colleagues, so make it count.  Never substitute a physical card for email, digital, or social…

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5 Ways to Effectively Use Your Business Cards

1 – Be Concise Business cards are supposed to be informative of you or your business, but the recipient should also be able to get all the necessary information at a glance.  While it may seem constructive to list an all inclusive list of information (e.g., email, website, title, name, social media…), it can actually…

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Offset Printing

As an individual using a laser or inkjet printer in your office or home, you might think that’s how most printing happens now but offset printing is more likely how most of the printed materials you handle on a daily basis are made — especially fliers, newspapers, booklets, magazines, and other large-quantity printed materials. We…

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Lone Star QuickPrint Featured in Community Impact Newspaper!

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Family-owned Lone Star QuickPrint succeeds amid industry changes Husband and wife Chuck and Diane Nott can attest to how the printing industry has evolved over the 39 years they have owned Lone Star QuickPrint. Chuck said the store has adapted to changes in its customer base and production process while continuing to find a niche…

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How to Make Your Own Birthday Card

How to Make Your Own Birthday Card My 3-Step Tutorial for Creating Professional, Custom-Designed Greeting Cards Conventional greeting cards have earned their reputation as hasty, last-minute gifts. They are picked up at Walgreens on the way to the party, and often bear tone, sentiment or imagery that fails to complement the recipient or occasion. Indeed, your chances of…

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The Science of Marketing

Marketing Beyond the Computer There are many benefits of marketing components that contribute to the full brand experience. With print marketing you can incorporate longer lasting impressions than you can online. Marketing has been under the watchful eye of science recently and these tips can help you improve your print marketing experience… with the science…

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Holiday Marketing Tips 2015

Holiday Marketing Tips You may not be able to feel it in the air yet, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. While the inundation of social media and digital ads and messaging seems to be overwhelming to people, especially during the holidays, the direct mail and print marketing pieces are a great way to…

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How to Create a Memorable Brochure

How to Create a Memorable Brochure Creating a brochure that stands out from the rest may sound like an impossible task. However, with just few simple rules, you can create a marketing piece that potential customers will remember. Keep in mind, brochures are just one of many marketing pieces that you should have as part…

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Brochures vs Flyers

Which Do You Need: Brochures vs Flyers? When choosing any form of print marketing piece, first make sure it will achieve your purpose. While there are many forms of print marketing pieces you can choose, we will look specifically at brochures and flyers, here, as they are often confused for being interchangeable. Flyers More often…

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5 Effective Ways to Integrate Your Social Media With Your Print Marketing

5 Effective Ways to Integrate Your Social Media With Your Print Marketing  1 -Use Icons Brand recognition for your business is important, and while you’re building it, take notes from brands that have done a great job with theirs. Social media platforms have developed a pretty consistent look for their icons to help with brand…

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