5 Ways to Effectively Use Your Business Cards

1 - Be Concise

Business cards are supposed to be informative of you or your business, but the recipient should also be able to get all the necessary information at a glance.  While it may seem constructive to list an all inclusive list of information (e.g., email, website, title, name, social media…), it can actually be quite counterproductive to the reader.  By listing too much, the reader could lose interest due to content overload. Be concise, draw their attention to only the important information.

If you feel you absolutely need to provide more information, try to space it out between the front and back.  Alternatively, leaving the back side of your card blank is always a good option. That way, if need be, you can write information specific to the person receiving your card.

2 - Card Presentation

Presentation is everything.  Pulling out a weathered, wrinkled card from your pocket is one of the easiest and quickest way to make a bad first impression.  Carry your business cards in a holder to keep them in pristine condition.

Ensure your cards are up to date with your business.  Logos, contact, and address should all be current with your company.  It can be embarrassing to continuously have to explain the incorrections while simultaneously defeating the primary purpose of having a business card.  Let your card do some of the legwork.

If you know you will be relocating soon, changing your contact information, or updating your website.  Go ahead and order new, updated business cards beforehand. Better to practice being proactive than reactive.

3 - Know Your Audience

Your business card just as your company or business, should speak to a targeted audience.  Does your business have multiple locations? Are your clients bilingual or not of an English speaking background?  Are your services location specific? Whatever it may be, it is important to prominently communicate this. It is always a good practice to have bilingual business cards if your demographic has a second dominant language.  

4 - You Can Always Get More

When you break it down per individual card, business cards are relatively cheap.  If you were to spend $7.99 on 400 cards, each card has an estimated value of .02 cents.  There’s no reason you should not be handing out your business card at that rate! And don’t be afraid to offer your card before the potential recipient asks.  It may not have even across their mind to ask. Every new person you meet is a new opportunity to network, so remember to hand out those cards!

5 - Get Your Cards Professionally Printed

Printing them at home may be convenient and save you a few dollars.  Most of the time they will come out looking like exactly that, like you made them at home.  Having your business cards professionally printed will ensure you are putting forth the effort to make a good first impression.

Honorable Mentions:

Make your business cards legible to your recipients.  Avoid using weird fonts or clashing text and background colors.  

While you should be consistently handing out your card.  Make sure that you’re practicing good etiquette in regard to receiving cards, using discretion when giving yours out, and how you present them.