Print Marketing: Reborn

Print Marketing: Reborn

Some circles have said that print marketing is dead. However, that is certainly not the case. Print marketing as we used to know it is dead, but has since been reborn. Print marketing has evolved into a long lasting, fully integrable, tangible branding piece that companies sometimes overlook.

In the ever changing, fast pace, often confusing world of online ads, content, photos and backlit text, print is a constant. The e-reader will never be able to give a person that feeling of ownership that a new book can. Turning an actual page, feeling the raised text, making notes in the margin, are all benefits of owning a piece of literature that the younger generations still appreciate, as much as the old. The same goes for your company’s brand. Give your audience something they can own. Give them something they can relate to, that stands out from the over 100 ads we take in daily on computers, smart phones, billboards and television. Give them a piece of what your company is all about.

Print marketing, however; has a benefit that no other has, and that’s its integrable quality. You can fully support your online marketing efforts with anything you print. Add your social media information onto any print piece and they can find you online. Place a QR code on any print piece and it takes seconds for them to be brought directly to your website. This allows for you to have both a tactile and online presence with a positive and effective cohesion of your message.

With online marketing growing and changing, a lot of companies have cut print marketing budgets, altogether. This leaves a huge gap in exposure. With less and less print marketing being distributed, those that are, stand out. If in a day, your audience is aware of around 76 advertisements (as reported by the American Association of Advertising Agencies) using sight and sound, only, as a way of dissemination, imagine the impact holding only 2 physical forms of advertisement, that day. A postcard with a photo of a happy person benefiting from your company’s services, and a business card on thick card stock with a QR code piquing curiosity as to what information is at the source of that link are more memorable than 90% of those noise ads that come and go, and they can be referred back to at a later time, as often as they like.

Lastly, advancements in printing technology have allowed for the price of print marketing to drop substantially. The options available to you are much broader than they used to be, and for less than you think it would cost you.

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