How to Create a Memorable Brochure

How to Create a Memorable Brochure

Creating a brochure that stands out from the rest may sound like an impossible task. However, with just few simple rules, you can create a marketing piece that potential customers will remember. Keep in mind, brochures are just one of many marketing pieces that you should have as part of a full marketing plan to reinforce your brand message in the marketplace.

Quality Visuals

Choose a photo that shows your product or service clearly with minimal background “noise”. Pretend the photo will stand alone to get your message across. The photo should tell your whole story. When Volkswagen was selling their Beetle in what is now held to be one of the best marketing campaigns to model after, they used a clean high quality photo of just the car. Not the car and scenery. Not a person driving the car. Not the car and a bunch of people all around it. Just the car. The minimalist approach to their advertisement was perfect. They are selling a car and its look was unique. The photo told their story perfectly.

Beetle 2

Beetle 1

These are the ads produced by Volkswagen for the Beetle in the 1960’s and today. 

Clear and Concise Headline

Include a headline that makes people want to read and learn more. Your first impression will decide whether or not anyone reads further; starting with your photo and headline. The headline should capture your audience and be the solution to their problem. Be specific and make sure what you have to say is valuable.

Provide Clear Information

The text portion of your brochure should be limited to need-to-know information. Too much can be confusing to readers. Bullet lists and contact information, so that they can find out more once they are interested, are best. Lengthy paragraphs are unnecessary on a brochure.

Call to Action

Sometimes people need a little extra motivation to act. Including a special, discount, free gift, sample or consultation, with a timeline or deadline, can often give readers the extra incentive to call you instead of putting it off until later.

First Impressions Are Everything

Choose a thicker heavier paper for a sturdier brochure. Brochures, like business cards, are meant to be revisited and last, unlike fliers that are usually linked to something that expires and becomes obsolete eventually. This brochure will most likely be a first impression of your business and you’d like it to be a strong representation. A flimsy brochure can get bent, crumpled or lost and not make the best impression.

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