Holiday Marketing Tips 2015

Holiday Marketing Tips

You may not be able to feel it in the air yet, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. While the inundation of social media and digital ads and messaging seems to be overwhelming to people, especially during the holidays, the direct mail and print marketing pieces are a great way to stand out and be remembered with something tangible. To make sure your business is creating the best marketing pieces this holiday season, stick to some of these tips and best practice for 2015.

  1. Timing

During peak holiday marketing months, November and December, consumers stand to see more than 1,000 marketing messages each day. Beat the crowd. Get your holiday marketing out in September and October. Planting the seed in your customer’s mind ahead of time assures that when the problem arises, of which your business is the solution, you are the first one they remember. You will still continue sending out your message through the holiday season, but starting earlier is key to being ahead of the game.

  1. Creative Colors and Imagery

When you think of holiday marketing you think of all the usual colors and images associated with those holidays. Most have seen more red and green, Santa hats, snowmen, snowflakes and turkeys than they can count. Use nontraditional colors and graphics in your marketing pieces to stand out. If you want to keep with holiday themes just changing up the colors a bit is a good way to make sure your ad or brochure doesn’t blend in. If you really want to make an impression, take a completely opposite approach and use pastels or monochromatic/simplistic designs with a single pop of color.

  1. Be Personable

The holidays give you a chance to connect with your customers on a more personal level. Take a one-on-one approach and use messages that address them individually. Use more specific terms, like “you” and “us” and keep family themes in your messages, if you can. Images of happy people and families gathering, remind everyone of community and family and happy times in association with the holidays and harbor a positive connection more so than product images and numbers. Research shows that consumers trust products recommended by a friend up to 10 times more than anything they see in an ad or marketing piece. Make sure to include testimonials from real people to have that human element.

  1. Give Back

The holidays are all about giving. Give back in your marketing pieces, as well. What service do you offer? What problem can you solve? Are you giving a discount? Is there a charity involved? Make your offer, discount, or coupon prominent and make sure to include your call to action. If there is an expiration date or if it is only available for a limited time, state it clearly.

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