Brochures vs Flyers

Which Do You Need: Brochures vs Flyers?

When choosing any form of print marketing piece, first make sure it will achieve your purpose. While there are many forms of print marketing pieces you can choose, we will look specifically at brochures and flyers, here, as they are often confused for being interchangeable.


More often than not, flyers are standard letter sheet size at 8.5” x 11”. Depending on the purpose of your flyer, they may be printed up to 11”x 14”. The larger size is most common for event flyers like concerts, fundraisers, and community events. They are printed on standard weight paper and are very moderately priced, even for color copies, as advances in printing technology have led to greater efficiency which means lower costs.

Flyers can either be printed on one or both sides. If you plan on hanging them up somewhere, they will need to be printed on only a single side. If you have a bit more to say, you can hand them out and print on both sides and on thicker or glossy paper so the ink does not show through.

Best uses for flyers:

-Single product information
-Event information
-Fact sheet

Fact sheets are great handouts for trade shows, conferences and meeting summaries. These should have a logo on them and are more sectioned off with multiple headings and bullet points with very few images, if any. In general, fact sheets include more short-term, need-to-know information.


Brochures are folded to represent sections where information can be broken down and highlighted. These are printed on both sides and will include graphic or pictures. Brochures require more specialty design as each section has its own margins. Their purpose is different from flyers. They are meant for people who are looking for more information on something they can refer back to repeatedly; where flyers are more for one time need-to-know information.

Brochures are mostly handed out after an initial contact. For example after a person meets someone who represents a specific product or service, they may ask for more information, if they are interested. A brochure is most common in that scenario.

Brochures also help to break up a wide range of information as they are usually folded over several times, so the eye is naturally drawn to separate sections. If you have several products you’d like to showcase, brochures offer a natural separation for the information. The design of brochures allow for certain areas for product/service information, contact information and biography or “about us” information that is easier to process in smaller sections than a single sheet with a lot of text on it.

When faced with the choice to decide which you need for your print marketing, brochures vs flyers, consider your market, your desired outcome and your ultimate purpose. Lone Star Quick Print offers the best printing options for both of these and can help you decide which would work best for you, as well as complete your marketing pieces in excellent quality and with a fast turn-around  time.

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