5 Effective Ways to Integrate Your Social Media With Your Print Marketing

5 Effective Ways to Integrate Your Social Media With Your Print Marketing

 1 -Use Icons

Brand recognition for your business is important, and while you’re building it, take notes from brands that have 1426809889_linkedin-128done a great job with theirs. Social media platforms have developed a pretty consistent look for their icons to help with brand recognition. That lower case “f”, “t”, and “p” mean something to most people that see it corresponded with its relative brand color. Including Facebook’s little blue icon next to your business’s 1426809869_facebook-128Facebook page address creates instant recognition and trust in that brand to deliver your message. Make
sure it’s much smaller than your logo, as your marketing piece is far more about you.

2 - Focus On Your People

What do your customers and clients want to see most? Discount codes? Photos? Tips and tricks? Information? Whatever it is, make sure you highlight that. If you plan to regularly release your current discounts or coupons on a social media platform, let them know on your brochures or any other form of print marketing you choose. For example: Check our Facebook page often for discounts and special offers!

 3 - Make It Interactive

There are tools in place to help bridge the gap between print and online marketing. The QR code is a perfect qrcode.30136305example. A quick scan of the code on your brochures or fliers can lead everyone to your website. And it’s traceable, which is great for calculating your print ROI.

Also, try starting a hashtag campaign or contest. You can print the hashtag on your marketing pieces with a short description of your contest. This helps to generate both content and lead interaction across social media that stems from a print piece.

 4 - Be Consistent

Make sure your message and your brand are consistent whether you are designing a print or online campaign. Keeping your on and offline pieces hand-in-hand will assure they work together to keep your business as recognizable as possible. Stick to the same general color scheme that you have in your logo. Try not to use too many different fonts. And make sure to have your contact information on all pieces: phone number, email, website, etc.

 5 - Know Your Audience

Integrate appropriately. If you have a younger audience you can launch a contest to have people take selfies with your postcard, should they be lucky enough to receive one. If your audience is older and participates in more content based online activity, invest in online ads that are a nearly identical match to your print campaigns. It’s all relative to who you’re trying to reach. You may have to try a few different campaigns for different target audiences, but you will reach more people by keeping the print/digital marriage alive.

Print marketing is far from dead, and for the foreseeable future, will have a place in the hands and hearts of many. The digital age is on the rise, however; so finding the perfect combination of the two is key to helping you reach as many leads as you can.